How does the process work?

The principle of coaching essentially works through the cultivation of critical reflection. Critical reflection begins through dialogue and involves the development of a perspective upon ourselves to view our strengths and weakness, and especially where we go wrong, make mistakes, lose our momentum, deplete our inner resources or get into conflict with ourselves or others. The aim of critical reflection is to see ourselves as clearly and objectively as possible, to cut through self-deception and confusion, to become our own best mentor.

In practical terms, the usual coaching process involves 20 fortnightly 1½ hour sessions over a nine month time-frame. This can occur in person, by telephone, email, or internet telephony like Skype (with or without camera) – or any combination. In-person is best but often not possible as we work with people all over the world.

The number of sessions, their length, frequency and the duration of the overall process can be adjusted. Whether we work with one executive, two or more, a whole team or any combination becomes part of the plan to be worked out. Our approach is flexible.

Adding Value

We can also offer guidance as to other opportunities that already exist within the Oil Advisers portfolio. For example, we can help with re-location, career development and advancement, identifying project opportunities, finance, technical assistance, how to divest or how to maximize the value of an existing project or acquire a new one.

As coaching is an integral part of Oil Advisers own corporate network, each of our facilities and areas of expertise is available to the others offering attractive synergies and value-adding potential.

What are the expected outcomes?

Outcomes may vary; generally benefits include:

  • An alignment of personal and organisational objectives;

  • Developing an understanding of the executive’s personal style;

  • Developing the executive’s leadership abilities and effectiveness at team building;

  • Improving the executive’s ability to communicate effectively;

  • Heightened self-awareness of core values, attitudes and perspectives;

  • Enhanced motivation and the removal of blocks;

  • Improved abilities at self-management and management of others;

  • Increased creativity and sense of fulfilment from your work; and

  • The satisfaction of feeling you have done your best at all that can be done.

Critical reflection is a tool that develops in dialogue with a coach but then can be taken away and evolves further in our own internal dialogue. The achievement of the above outcomes inevitably produces better business results which bring their own rewards and recognition.

We seek lasting improvements. The benefits are for life.

Please contact us to find out how Oil Advisers can support you with your executive coaching needs.