Are you a Malaysian Investor interested in buying quality oil & gas assets ?

Oil Advisers Can Help

Numerous oil & gas assets are likely to be available for sale over coming months.It is a unique opportunity for astute investors to make counter-cyclical acquisitions of quality assets.
To be successful in the current market, an acquisition must involve the right asset at the right price, and it must be the subject of proper technical and commercial evaluation.
Oil Advisers has been helping prospective buyers of oil & gas assets for over 10 years.

Our role will be:

• To help you identify and prioritise suitable acquisition opportunities;
• Due diligence evaluation on technical and commercial aspects;
• Deal negotiation and implementation;
• Strategic guidance.

Our Strengths are

• Access to market intelligence and industry networks;
• Existing knowledge of many of the assets that are likely to come up for sale;
• Access to the full suite of technical and other skills required to properly evaluate an opportunity;
• Ability to manage and optimise the asset for you post-acquisition.

About Oil Advisers

Oil Advisers delivers integrated Technical, Financial and Corporate solutions to those seeking to maximise the value of their Oil and Gas Assets.

We are able to do this as we have access to the skills, knowledge, experience and connections to provide added-value, plus the facilitation capability to bring it all together.

Our management team comprises a mix of professionals who are highly experienced in their respective industry specialisations. As a consequence, Oil Advisers is able to seamlessly deliver the complete spectrum of focused services required, rather than generalised coverage of a lower quality.

Our Services

Oil Advisers offers Consultancy Services over specific areas or tasks relating to Oil and Gas Assets. Clients simply need to instruct us on what they require and we will manage the rest.

Additionally, if you think you have an asset with untapped value, bring it to us and we’ll make an assessment of it for you, advising on courses of action designed to maximise its value to the enterprise or its value on the open market.

If you want to know more about us and how we operate