G&G Services – Oil & Gas, Unconventional (CSG, Shale, CO2, geothermal) etc.
Seismic acquisition planning & project management
Project Management & QC of Seismic processing
Seismic interpretation (2D & 3D), depth conversion
AVO & attribute analysis
Core analysis management & studies
Geo modelling
Reservoir & Seal characterisation
Reservoir Simulation modelling
Basin analysis & modelling
Resource Maturity Road mapping

NPV / efficient reservoir drainage
Sustained profitability
Focus on those aspects of the project that have the most impact on NPV
Reducing cycle time to first oil

Investment opportunity screening
Project economic evaluation and metric development
Risk and value evaluation
Comparison of the performance and value of different projects
Recommendations on go forward strategies

Planning and Budgeting
Risk Management
Scenario Analysis
Look back review
Evaluation of the risk/return trade-offs of different portfolios

Well design for drilling, completion, intervention and stimulation
Well Engineering Management Systems
Well Integrity Assurance Management Systems
Operational HS&E Management Systems
Operational risk assessment and management
Advanced drilling applications
Advanced well design and engineering including HP/HT
Sand/Coal Face Completion Studies
Field Abandonment & Suspension
Operational review, audit and optimisation studies
Procurement and Contracting
Well cost estimates
Delivery of EPCM and Integrated Drilling Project Management
Well equipment QA/QC, assembly and testing

Artificial lift production
Well performance
Production system networks
Hydraulic fracture and stimulation

Well testing
Well intervention
Well abandonment

Assess reserve range and uncertainties
Integrated field development studies
Review existing technical work
Generate/review production profiles
Generate/review Plan of Development
Generate detailed economic models

Identification of new and emerging technologies and relevance to existing fields;
Generation of technology roadmap for operating companies.

Other services that we offer