Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is an individualised process that uses a professional relationship as a tool to build executive capabilities, resolve conflicts and create greater effectiveness.

Our process is specifically geared to high-level executives promoting development and extending leadership abilities to achieve short and long-term personal and organisational goals. We tailor coaching to the individual executive in the context of the organisation in which they work while taking into account the unique aspects of the oil industry.

What we aim to achieve

In partnership with you, we assess the most pressing needs where coaching can support an executive’s development and ability to deliver their most effective influence and output. We consider the organisational context and the matrix of personal dynamics between key personnel. Typical issues include:

  • Motivating oneself and others;

  • Developing executive-level skills;

  • Strategic thinking;

  • Tactical problem solving;

  • Enhancing corporate culture and teamwork;

  • Supporting key figures to maximize their contributions;

  • Emotional issues that detract from performance and effectiveness;

  • Coping with pressure, stress and responsibility;

  • Improving the work/life balance;

  • And many other possibilities.

We determine what needs to be learned and how that can happen. Insight must be integrated into practice. Sometimes there are internal blocks, belief systems and ‘identifications’ that prevent us from producing our best work and feeling well in the process. And there are mental habits and emotional patterns that can bring down our overall level of performance. Many of the highest achievers often feel they have not yet fulfilled their potential. Some do not see what is stopping them. Another perspective can help with this.

Ultimately, after a period of support from executive coaching, participants should be independent, autonomous and authentic.

Creation of the Coaching Partnership

Coaching works through the unique relationship created by a Coaching Partnership. In collaboration, the executive, the coach and other key stakeholders create a process framework to ensure that the executive’s learning advances the organisation’s needs and critical business mandates.

Together, we formulate the ground rules, time frames, specific goals and measures of success.